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    This Site License allows teachers, librarians, and administrators to install the above program onto multiple computer hard drives located within the school, or to install it on a file server for an unlimited number of computers on a network within the school.
        The package contains the following items:
  • The license issued to a school or institution, which includes the launch code.
  • A master CD-ROM with Windows and Macintosh versions.
  • Printed instructions which can be duplicated.
    PRICE: $125.00
  • Plus shipping cost of $8.40 with 1-5 day delivery time for total of $133.40.
  • Plus 7.50% sales tax of $10.01 for schools in California, for a total of $143.41.
    PayPal: In ordering through PayPal with the button below (with credit card only), the person placing the order will submit a shipping address. In the final field labeled "My Notes," please enter the name of the school or institution and the complete address of the school, even if it is the same as the shipping address. This will be the site specified in the Site License, and the person ordering will be listed as the contact person.
    Mail: If you wish to order the Site License directly from Animated Atlas, you can do so via USPS. Include the above information for the school, and include a check (no credit cards) made out to "". The amount should be: $125.00 + $8.40 (shipping) = $133.40.
    For schools in California add 7.50% sales tax = $10.01, for total of $143.41.
    Mail to:
P.O. Box 7091
Santa Monica, CA 90406
    Purchase order: You can use a purchase order in ordering by mail, made out to the amount above. Include a copy of the order with the order number and the person and institution to whom we should mail the invoice. Include as well the shipping address to send the package to.
  • The software may not be copied ("burned") onto another CD-ROM.
  • This license may not be transferred without written consent.
  • The software may not be used for commercial purposes.
  • The software for use by students may be installed only on school-owned or school-leased computers.
  • Teachers may use the software on school-owned, school-leased and personally owned computers at school or at home.